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Bang On! Welcome to Banger Productions

Welcome to Banger Productions
Your "low resource - high end" Post Production HeadQuarters!

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Ever wonder how EVERY song on the radio is at the same volume when your home recordings sound "weak and flat?"

Well it's no secret that every major label release is MASTERED. Some of us "poor folk"lol, skip this step but always end up payin for it in the long run! Either its the radio, demo tapes, even merchandise for sales at shows, why would you want your best material sounding weak and light!

We, at Banger Productions offer you a remedy for your "weak soundblues"

*****Specializing in SMALL ORDERS*****


A touch of Banger's post production can:
* raise the overall level
* even out song levels and EQ songs for cohesion
* Correct minor mix deficencies with equalization
* Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks
* Lower tape hiss and optimize levels!

Other Banger Production Services
* Insert design and Printing * limited orders
* Cover design and Printing * you provide picture
* Tape/Vinyl to C.D. transfer
* Flyers
* Cards


Owner and Founder
Krane Banger


Photo by GYM

put your favorite karaoke
tapes to C.D.!

Let us help YOUR group sound as good as possible!

*A necessity for bands and indie groups!
Let Banger Productions tighten up your sound while you concentrate on your next big hit!

At Banger Production we can add flair and splash to any presentation taking much of the stress of off that Big Presentation you have due!

From photo's, to family tree's, songs,graduation footage,and more , we at Banger Productions can edit/repair/and re-record many of your favorite family heirlooms that you thought might have been destroyed for ever!
Try us!

Info on all the latest news in "OUR" area! Get the latest show reviews, local release reviews, rumors, group gossip as well as anything else we can squeeze on this site!

We have a Plethora of music resources for all here!
Please check us out and spread the word!

Feel free to call us at : 315 792-1317
Or write us at :Banger Productions 1526 Steuben st.
Utica N.Y. 13501